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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)
"God in His mercy has opened doors in different parts of our country (Mexico) to make Community Health Evangelism known as a means of reaching, developing and transforming. A tool that at the same time has helped us as a church to decentralize ourselves and has mobilized us toward effective service.”
- Pastor Jacob Sotelo,  CHE Coordinator & Trainer


Community Health Evangelism (CHE) provides church pastors and leaders training on defining spiritual and health challenges they face in their communities, teaching them how to implement their own integrated ministry of community health and evangelism. 


To be effective, CHE training must be ongoing. Help us to bring more training seminars to Yucatan.  Many pastors and leaders have expressed interest in developing ministries dealing with diabetes, alcohol abuse and senior care among a few.  To learn more about CHE, click here:



CHE incorporates the same values we have on reaching communities by following the example of Christ  who went out into the community to minister to people, restoring  the spirit and body. Also, the ministry emphasizes the importance of using our God given talents and resources to make sustainable change. 

As a result, we began our relationship with the global network, a Christ-centered education program used in more than 91 countries. It is also known as ECS (Evangelismo Comunitario de Salud) in Latin America.  If you would like to donate toward this, please click below:

 Below, read what church leaders have to say about initial CHE training they've received:

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