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Working as a liaison between churches and groups from the U.S. and local congregations here, we investigate needs and set up necessary arrangements, including staging construction sites, ensuring that materials get delivered on time and construction is ready to go once groups arrive. For medical teams, we work with pastors and church leaders to organize logistics and clinic set-up before group arrival. This way, teams can focus their energy on ministry and relationship building once here.  We also arrange ground transportation, coordinating meals and lodging whether in hotels in the city or in homes in the rural communities that groups serve in.

In doing so, our aim is to open doors for local and visiting churches to witness and share the good news of Jesus Christ to communities, whether it is through pastoral visits to families, planned evangelical events or through vacation Bible school (VBS) programs.

VBS Activities
Our Core Values

Sharing God's love & salvation promise

Focusing on giving rather than just receiving

Loving Thy Neighbor in practical ways

Building trust and

 sustainable communities

As we share God’s love and his promise of salvation to the pueblos where we serve, we are mindful of the very act God did to reconcile man to himself. He gave. John 3:16 says: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

At the onset of our ministry, our prayer was to make an impact by instilling the importance of giving rather than just receiving. This involves Loving Thy Neighbor in practical ways which help to build sustainable communities.

The Lord has been faithful to us. We have witnessed our masons volunteering their time to help repair and build homes. Past home recipients come to help us with construction of new homes for others; youth, who were inspired by a visiting team, organize their own VBS program each summer and reach out to gang members; churches desire to do outreach to people with diabetes and to the elderly. Just to name a few examples.

One of the most endearing responses we have is from a church in Chapab. Upon learning that an elderly widower’s hut was burned, the church leaders decided on their own to raise funds for construction materials, recruit masons to volunteer their time and build the man a new cement home. They had asked themselves, “If Bruno (Byron) and Inez can do it, why can’t we?” Of course, this example isn’t just lead by us but rather the body of Christ who come to serve alongside rural churches we partner with.

In working with people who have scarce resources, many may believe they do not have adequate assets to make a difference. But that is furthest from the truth. The people of Yucatan are hardworking, great at making connections and are creative in troubleshooting. Through working alongside other churches, whether from the U.S. or in Yucatan, their perspective on giving and blessing others is expanded. And so is true for the churches that travel here to serve.

With this set of core values, we desire to grow our ministry and God’s kingdom.

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