To send a personal gift (non-deductible), please send a check to Byron Ahina and mail it to:

    1918 214th Ct SE
    Sammamish, WA 98075


To make a tax-deductible donation, you may choose any method below (please note that an 11% SRMS agency fee will be deducted from your contribution):

  • Send a payable check to Son Raise Missionary Service or “SRMS” with “Byron Ahina” written on the bottom and mail it to:

Son Raise Missionary Service

4395 Idlewood Dr. SW

Wyoming, MI 49519 


  • You can also set up automatic payment to Son Raise Missionary Service with your bank.

  •  For special donations, please write a note designating your contribution. (Ex: "CHE Seminars")

  • To make a donation using PayPal, click the following link to SRMS (please note that applicable PayPal fees may be applied on top of the agency fee):

About Us

Yucatan Helping Hands is a Christian ministry in Mexico, fostering relationships between churches in the U.S. and Yucatan, working together to bring transformational and sustainable change to communities through short-term missions.

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