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December 2017 - Holiday Photos

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Celebrating our 28th Anniversary on Dec 16th; then Pastor Will's & Nancy's 50th (12/17) with the Legters & Reyes here in Mérida - (Antonio & Ruth also celebrated their anniversary 12/18).

The Ackles' 50th Anniversary at Hacienda Teya, Mérida,YUC. With Doña Jean Legters, Will & Nancy, the Legters and the Reyes families. Congratulations Will & Nancy!

Every Christmas when in Mérida, we receive visitors from various pueblos who stay at our home to celebrate the birth of Christ and festivities in the city. Many of the pueblos do not have Christmas lights, and so the children love to come to Mérida to see them. We are blessed!

With Carolina & Basilio Nic and their family (from Akil)

With Doña Magda & her family (from Maxcanu)

At home with Doña Griselda & her family (from Chapab)

Thanksgiving with friends who have served with us as translators. So grateful for each of them: Stephy & family, Elizabeth, and Abigail & Pastor Omar & family

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