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March 2017 - CMDA Restoring the Whole Being

Jesus pointed out that it’s not the healthy who need a physician but those who are sick. In March, through missionary Tom Hough (United Servants Abroad), we received 48 team members consisting of physicians and students from the University of Oklahoma (Christian Medical Dental Association) and from Peru. Returning to Yucatan to serve with us, they ministered to approximately 1,600 patients from 15 rural communities as we bused people from different pueblos to four central locations throughout the week. To keep medicines accessible in one place, logistics played a major factor. Through the invaluable help of local pastors and church leaders, we organized clinic centers in Maxcanu, Oxcutzcab, Ceiba (near Akil) and Piste.

We were blessed to witness the love for Jesus among the group who served with energy and joy while moving from one location to another, praying for each patient seen and bringing people to Christ. One of our translators, Jessica, was moved by the immediate impact the team had on the people as she saw people relieved of pain.

“Christ never separated dealing with the physical from the spiritual, and we should do the same, ministering to body, soul and spirit in the name of Jesus,” reflected Dr. Kebbe, one of the physicians on the team. He went on to explain about the mission, “This week served as a reminder that what is physical is often connected to what is spiritual.” He described two cases where symptoms did not fit any particular medical condition. After conversing with the patients about their lives and where they find hope, he explained, “We quickly realized that there was something spiritual causing what was happening physically… It was an opportunity for us to encourage them, pray with them, and tell them about the ultimate and only true hope we have in Christ, a hope that transcends our


We are deeply thankful for the great service Tom Hough and his group provided. As a leader, Tom (man in photo on right) is an incredible example for us in ministry. His easy manner in connecting with people at the heart combined with his keen abilities to motivate and facilitate reminds us of Psalms 78:72: And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them . The team's teaching physicians, including Dr. Brent Brown, Dr. John Long, Dr. Robin Gonzalez, and Dr. Robert Livingston, were equally inspirational leaders, and it was evident that their spiritual influence on future health providers will leave an eternal mark. As our son Kawika observed, “The team members kept their minds on Christ and knew that God was working through them. They worked hard and made it fun.”

During the week, we saw that those who came desired to be healed or just wanted to know the condition of their health. Our prayer is that we all do the same spiritually. Not living in denial of our spiritual maladies but rather continually evaluating the condition of our heart and being reminded of God's promise in Jeremiah 33: I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

We give special thanks to the Lord for our translators, Jessica and Kawika, our ministry cooks Cheli and Diana for working tirelessly, the bus drivers who transported patients from remote areas, the different pastors who served alongside us, our friends at La Ceiba, and the local attorney who worked with us to expedite federal permission in allowing all meds to get through customs. We give God the glory!

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