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Reflection: Getting to the Other Side

Driving through an Alabama Storm

Thunder storm. Tornado and flood flash warnings. You never know what your birthday will bring.

As some of you know, the day Byron turned 66 in February, we were on our way south to Birmingham, AL. for a Missions event. At first, our major travel concern had been avoiding the dangerous snow conditions up north in January. But on our drive to Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church, snow was the least of our problems. What we didn’t expect was our 1.5 hour drive turning into a 3.5 hr nightmare through wretched weather conditions.

Inez and Kawika were terrified with each lightning flash. Byron maintained a 25-mph speed and distance behind vehicles to take advantage of their tail lights. For us, it was the test of faith through the storm. But no matter how difficult it was to see and hold on to the steering wheel with strong winds, we didn’t want to risk pulling over since a car parked on the side ended up getting hit by the vehicle behind him. Some of the cars that exited the freeway ended up in deep waters. We prayed hard, and thankfully as we got closer to our destination, the rains gradually eased up.

Our hosts, Jim and Martha, stayed up for our late arrival and greeted us at the door. It was near midnight, but we were sure glad to see each other. With God’s grace, we had made it to the “other side” (Luke 8:22). Going through storms in life is never pleasant, but as we forge through resistance and fear to get to the other side, we come out grateful experiencing God’s faithfulness in our journey.

And this time, it was topped with chocolate cake.


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